Pope encourages business leaders who try to put employees first

ROME — Competition, the market system and need to answer to stockholders can and do challenge business owners and leaders who want to put the needs of employees and the common good first, Pope Francis said. “Persevere and don’t be discouraged,” the pope told 90 business leaders from France Jan. 7. Accompanied by Bishop Dominique … Lire la suite

With spike in omicron, Philippines cancels Black Nazarene festivities

MANILA, Philippines — Philippine authorities have canceled the famous Black Nazarene festivities, usually attended by millions of devotees, due to a surge in coronavirus cases, reported ucanews.com. On Jan. 5, the health department reported 10,775 new coronavirus cases brought about by the omicron variant, nearly doubling the cases reported Jan. 4. Authorities banned all public … Lire la suite

China forbids foreigners from spreading religious content online

In the U.S.-China rivalry that involves a complex mix of diplomacy, trade wars and sanctions, religion has come under increased pressure after the communist regime banned online propagation of religion by foreign nationals, purportedly to make religion more Chinese-oriented. On Dec. 22, the Chinese government issued a new norm that proscribes all foreign institutions and … Lire la suite

5 Ways to Have an Epic Fail New Year as a Catholic

It’s that time of the year again. Introverts are trying to gather strength for one last socializing push for the New Years celebrations while extroverts are relishing in the celebrations with no issue. We Catholics are still celebrating Christmastide despite what secular media, stores, and radio stations may be saying. We want to carry that … Lire la suite

Leader of Washington’s Catholic Archdiocese has COVID-19

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The cardinal who leads the Archdiocese of Washington has tested positive for the coronavirus. The archdiocese said in a statement Friday that Cardinal Wilton Gregory is canceling his appearances at this weekend’s services. “I am fully vaccinated and boosted,” the cardinal said in a statement. “I am experiencing no symptoms at this … Lire la suite

Ongoing pandemic crisis requires solidarity, pope says New Year’s Eve

ROME – Pope Francis during a prayer service New Year’s Eve said the Church’s Christmas season is one of solidarity, a practice that is especially needed as fallout from the ongoing coronavirus pandemic continues to impact individuals and families around the world. Speaking to those gathered in St. Peter’s Basilica for his traditional New Year’s … Lire la suite