Spending Advent with the Angels

{{PD-US}} Jacob Wresting with an Angel by Gustave Doré Angels are featured prominently throughout both the Old and New Testaments. Often referred to as “messengers,” these heavenly helpers have a huge task: glorifying God, carrying out his will, and helping us attain Heaven so we can glorify Him for all eternity too. Throughout salvation history … Lire la suite

7 Advent Traditions to Should Try

It’s no secret that our Church is home to a lot of beautiful traditions. Traditions are like spices: they add warmth and depth and flavor to the rhythmical cadence of the liturgical year. For most of the secular world, Advent gets lost against the backdrop of the Christmas season. For the Church, however, Advent is … Lire la suite

“Join Together”—the Message of Jolly Pope John XXIII

According to the Nicene Creed, the first of the distinguishing marks of the Catholic Church is unity. Without unity, things tend to fall apart: societies collapse, families fight, and friendships evaporate. Over the course of history the Church has undergone a multitude of developments and faced its share of difficulties threatening unity. Jesus Christ prayed … Lire la suite